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car hire malaga airport

Car Hire Malaga Airport

    Please note that if you haven´t been to Malaga Airport for a while the Car Hire Desks are no longer down the ramp but by the carousels where you collect your baggage.  Remember there are over 20 car hire companies at Malaga, but did you know that only 8 of them are located inside the airport? Avis & Budget, Six, Europcar, Record & Go, Goldcar, Hertz & Firefly.


Now that we are in low season, car hire is so cheap it´s unbelievable.  You can hire a car for a whole week from under 50€.  This is the same price as a 30 minute taxi journey from the airport! We personally always recommend our friends and family to hire cars at Malaga, especially in the cooler months when driving around and exploring is so much fun. There are so many beautiful white villages to see and also some amazing Cities all within a couple of hours drive, Jerez, Cordoba, Granada, Malaga and Seville.  The public transport here is great, but only up to Fuengirola.  Thereafter there are no trains, only buses or taxis. Saying all this, we totally understand that there are many people who don´t want the hassle of hiring and driving a car.   We do have some driving tips here if you change your mind and you can always come and chat with us and others on The Costa Del Sol Travel Forum.
Some Quick Tips When Booking A Car

    Book flights before car hire.
    Book your car asap for the best price.
    Add your flight number to the car booking so they know when to expect you.
    Air-conditioning is a “MUST” especially during the months of July to September
    Book any extras like child seats or restraints which are a legal requirement in Spain this stage, especially during the summer months when supplies can run out.  This may be a separate payment with the company direct.
    Be sure of the time to pick up the car and time to drop off.  An hour or 2 can make a difference to the price.
    Don´t just book the cheapest, you can see the car hire companies, have a look at reviews online.
    Don´t book the smallest,  you do not want cases left on show
    Remember everyones driving license who wishes to be a name driver.
    Avoid the queues at the desks (especially during the summer months).  Leave the ´nondriver´to collect the cases and meet you at the Car Hire Desk.
    Think about taking out the extra insurance to reduce your Liability to zero.
    Any problems whatsoever call the number on your Car Hire Voucher
    READ THE SMALL PRINT on your voucher

Here´s a map for whereabouts all the Malaga Car Hire Companies are at Malaga Airport

avis car hire at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 180 854 Email: [email protected] Website: Avis & Budget
europcar at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 902 503 010 Email: [email protected] Website: Europcar
goldcar car hire at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 119 726 Email: [email protected] Website: Goldcar
hertz car hire at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 402 405 Website: Hertz/Firefly
record car hire at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 123 002 Email: [email protected] Website: Record
sixt car hire at malaga airport
Malaga Airport T2 Lower Ground Floor: Terminal T3 Ground Floor Telephone: 0034 902 491 616 Email: [email protected] Website: Sixt
Finding Car Hire Desks In The Terminal

Should you be using one of the companies that are located within the airport, they are no longer located down the ramp.   They have now been moved to where you collect your baggage at carousel 31.  Once you have found your car hire company, be sure you have all the necessary documents, including your driving license.  You will be surprised how many people forget to bring this.   You may also need a DVLA Code. In high season, expect to queue, it can become very busy.  Once you have picked up your keys, a member of staff will inform you on which level of the car park and bay you can find your car. Both car parks are connected to Terminal 3 through the transportation hub.  We also provide information on Minibus Hire,  Driving Directions from Malaga Airport, and How to Get your DVLA Code
Malaga Car Hire Companies Situated Offsite

If you have hired a car from one of these off site companies they will provide you with a shuttle bus to take you to their offices.  Check arrangements at time of booking.  The majority of the offsite companies are located in Avenida Garcia Morato which is the main connecting road leading up to and exiting the airport. Agents with offices located on Avenida Garcia Morato are Auriga Crown, Autolink, Cargest, Centauro, First, Global Car Hire, Marbesol, Malagacar Hire, Nixa, Pepecar, and Top rent-a-car. Centauro and Global Car Hire are slightly further away in the Villa Rosa Industrial Estate which is situated just the other side of the N-340 national road. Another four offsite offices are located just over the roundabout after the BP garage on the right hand side in Edificio Checkpoint which is right next to the train station for Malaga Airport. These are Autolink, Marbesol, Tony’s rent-Top Rent a Car and Yellow Car.
auriga crown at malaga airport
Avenida García Morato, 30 29004 Malaga Telephone: +34 952 175 095 Email:[email protected] Website: Auriga Crown
. Avenida Garcia Morato 50 Edeficio Checkpoint. Planta 1. Puerta 3. 29004 Malaga Telephone: +34 952 560 204/Fax: +34 952 565 701 Website: www.autolink.escar gest
Avenida García Morato, 32 29004 Malaga Telephone: +34 952 173 520/Fax: +34 952 177 044 Website: www.cargest.es.
Calle de Pascal, 30 Poligono Industrial Villa Rosa 29004 Malaga Telephone: +34 902 104 103 Web: www.centauro.net
first car group
Malaga Airport Avenida Garcia Morato, 13 29004 Malaga Telephone: +34 952 245 080/Fax: +34 952 245 688 Website: www.firstcargroup.com
global car hire
Carretera Guadalmar Poligono Industrial Villa Rosa Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 952 105 110/Fax: +34 952 237 145 Website: www.globalcarhire.net
Avenida Garcia Morato, 50 Edificio Checkpoint Malaga 29004Telephone: +34 952 234 916/Fax: +34 952 234 915 Website: www.marbesol.com
malaga car
Avenida Garcia Morato, 34 Malaga29004 Telephone: +34 952 176 225 Website: www.malagacar.com
niza cars
Avenida Garcia Morato, 44 Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 952 236 179/Fax: +34 952 236 184 Website: www.nizacars.es
Avenida Garcia Morato, 44 Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 807 414 243 Website: www.pepecar.com
tonys rent a car
Avenida Garcia Morato, 50 Edificio Check-Point 1-3 Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 952 236 689/Fax: +34 952 236 490 Website: www.tonysrentacar.com
top rentacar
Avenida Garcia Morato, 38 Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 952 105 528/Fax: +34 952 238 641 Website: www.topcars.es
yellow car hire
Avenida Garcia Morato Edificio Checkpoint Malaga 29004 Telephone: +34 952 494 000/Fax: +34 952 493 970 Website: www.yellowcar.com
A Few Tips When Picking Up & Dropping Of

    To save time in the queue, ask the non driver to collect the luggage.
    Have your Voucher ready.  Any problems call the number
    If you are pushed for upgrades, think do you really need it?
    Take your time to check the car for any scratches or damage.
    Think about taking out the extra insurance to reduce your Liability to zero.
    Before setting off, become familiar with the car and if driving at night, make sure your lights are on.
    Take care when collecting your car, don’t get distracted by people or leave your bags anywhere.
    When dropping car off, make sure you leave in the correct space or you could be fined.

Drop-Off Points

When you return your car you do this via Avenida Garcia Morato which is the approach road that comes off the MA-21 (formerly N-340) National Road. Just after the roundabout you will see all the relevant road signs which indicate what lane you should be in to access different areas. Car rental return will be the first exit road to your immediate left. Follow the signs until you reach the entrance of your car park. There are corresponding desks for each car hire company in the car park where you can drop off the keys so you do not have to return the keys to the original office in the terminal. The car parks are on floors 0 and -1 of the P2 car park (for picking up vehicles) and on floors -1 and -2 of P1 car park (for their return).
If you have any questions you can come a join our Facebook Page Malaga Airport EU and also be part of The Costa Del Sol Travel Forum where you can chat with others about travel, living, holidaying on the Costa Del Sol.

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