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Arroz De Mariscos En Ingles

Arroz De Mariscos En Ingles

During one of our first trips to Portugal, a couple of friends took us to Olhão, a traditional fishing town in the East Algarve. According to them, the location of some of the best seafood restaurants in the Algarve. After some sightseeing, and a visit to the iconic market, we headed to the main avenue just across the street, an avenue packed with small restaurants specialized in

. We ordered Arroz de Marisco, and though I can’t recall the name of the restaurant we chose, the memory of the pot of steaming seafood rice we were served is still vivid in our minds!


It is widely available in many restaurants across coastal Portugal. It usually comprises of a variety of shellfish, peppers, tomatoes, fresh herbs, and short-grain rice making an indulgent and delicious dish. For those that are not convinced yet, it was also selected in 2011 as one of the 7 Wonders of Portuguese Gastronomy.

Menú De Platos Fuertes Dominical

For this recipe we are using three types of shellfish: prawns, clams and mussels. However, like many Portuguese recipes, the ingredients list can vary substantially. Some recipes we came across include lobster and crab meat. However, what shellfish to use will depend on the availability of ingredients, your personal preferences, and budget. We find it very important to use fresh prawns, as their skin is the base ingredient for the broth used to cook the rice. Keep in mind that any extra shellfish added will add extra flavours to the broth and complexity to your dish.

This might not be one of the fastest recipes to prepare, but we can guarantee it is worth every minute of the time spent in the kitchen. Top up your glass of white and get ready to prepare this delicious Arroz de Marisco!

As always, we love hearing from you! Let us know your review in the comments! For some other delicious seafood recipes, take a look at our recipe forAmeijoas à Bulhão Pato, the traditional method of serving clams. Or for something a little different Carne de Porco à Alentejana, and dish from the Algarve that combines clams and pork.

Receta De Arroz Cremoso Con Fritura De Pescado Y Mariscos

Welcome to We Travel Portugal! We’re Annie and Ollie and we want to share Portugal with you. You’ll find everything here, from travel guides, to local stories, and even our favourite Portuguese recipes!Yes, you read that right: Peru has its very own version of seafood paella and it is delectable. Rice and seafood is the perfect combination. Long-grain rice that has absorbed all of the flavors of the generous amounts of squid, shrimp, mussels, and scallops,

Chilli pepper, tomato paste, green peas, all topped with some grated Parmesan cheese. Perhaps the only downside to this dish is the fact that all the vitamin B6 and tryptophan from the seafood can make you quite sleepy after you have polished it all off.

Learn more about the romantic backstory of this dish as shared by a famous Peruvian chef or jump straight to the recipe below!

Como Hacer Un Arroz De Mariscos En Cazuela De Barro

Peru boasts no less than 1500 miles of coastline; the connection between Peruvians and the sea is beyond question. There were avid fishermen in all of the coastal pre-Columbian cultures such as the Moche, Chimú, Chancay and Chincha, which historians have learnt from observing the many artefacts and ceramic vessels these cultures have left us. However, the origins of this dish can’t be attributed to these ancient cultures, since the main ingredient is rice, introduced by the Spanish conquistadors at a time when these cultures had mostly been succeeded by others.


Gastón Acurio, the acclaimed Peruvian chef and restaurateur, has a story about the origins of this delicious rice with seafood masterpiece. He says that the daughter of a Genovese baker fell in love with the son of a Cantonese shopkeeper. They knew their families would never approve of their relationship and eloped. In their newly formed home, when it was time to cook, each of them contributed elements of their country’s culinary tradition. Tomato sauce and Parmesan cheese from the Italian side joined a fried rice dish from the Chinese cuisine, and the first-ever “rice with seafood”

Acurio doesn’t specify if this happened in Peru or elsewhere, and whether this account is entirely true does not even matter too much, because either way, it’s a perfect reflection of how new dishes are created when culinary cultures meet. This is, in fact, the secret to many of the most popular Peruvian dishes, such as lomo saltado beef stirfry and ají de gallina chicken stew.

My Colombian Cocina

Where it is almost as popular as raw fish dish called ceviche. It can be served and enjoyed on its own, but diners are often swayed to order a combined platter which consists of equally delicious portions of

, a seafood trio. Popular drinks to accompany this fiesta of flavors would be lemonade (which is actually lime-onade made with deliciously tangy limes),


Now it’s time to get out that bag of rice, fresh seafood and all the other ingredients to prepare our very own delicious seafood and rice stew.

Arroz Con Mariscos

Rice soaked with the flavors of squid, shrimp, mussels, and scallops, with ají amarillo chilli pepper, tomato paste, green peas, all topped with some grated Parmesan cheese.

Peruvian foodie. I’ve been writing about the food of Peru for over 10 years. Read more about the Eat Peru team hereEvery time I have this colorful, generous rice dish, my mind wanders back to Lima in the 80’s and 90’s, having lunch at the Costa Verde, a restaurant overlooking the Pacific Ocean and the beautiful cliffs that make our city as unique as its food. Arroz con mariscos is not only delightful and colorful in abundance; it is also a Peruvian’s dream come true, as it puts together, in one fantastic entree, two of our great culinary loves: seafood and rice.

You may know by now that in Peru we are obsessed with rice. We enjoy it with duck, with chicken, with fish, with vegetables, with beef, with scallops, with shrimp, with beans…even with quinoa, wheatberries and potatoes! On the other hand, it is no secret that our food is heavily based on fish and seafood. We are very lucky to have a bountiful sea, that gives us the best fish and shellfish of the world everyday. Not only that, but thousands of people find their sustenance coming from the very cold waters of this generous ocean.


Paella De Marisco, Cómo Hacer La Auténtica Paso A Paso

This dish does in fact look like a portion of the rainbow on your table, and if you’re a seafood lover it will, guaranteed, blow you away. The recipe gets its orange / pink tones from the shrimp and scallop coral, and, of course, from the chili pepperthat is almost never missing in our food -you can leave it out if you want, or add some more if you like! You can also substitute it with another chili pepper if you can’t find this one specifically, or buy the paste,

This recipe also calls for a touch of Parmesan cheese, which rounds up the flavors completely. In Italy it´s blasphemy to add Parmigiano to any dish containing seafood, but this is a Peruvian recipe, and we think that a little bit of Parmesan cheese here is perfection; not overpowering, but just giving it that extra touch that still lets the shrimp and squid shine through. Advice from the wise: don´t overdo it! You may add any kind of seafood available: mussels, clams, scallops, crab… But I like mine simpler, with just a few shrimps and some squid rings.

The final touch? A sprinkling of lime juice over the rice, and a Pisco sour or a glass of white wine… That´s the life, dear friends!!!

Arroz Con Mariscos (rice And Seafood)

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